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How can I sign up for classes?

That's easy: Click here to e-mail us

When should I arrive?

You are welcomed to arrive 10 - 15  minutes prior to your personal session  to offer you time to get centered, gather the props you need and  to do your favorite warm-ups.

Do I need a mat?

Mats are already laid out on the floor to maintain space between students during private group sessions. You can use ours or feel free to unroll yours and set it right on top. We also use disinfecting mat wipes for your protection.

Cell phones...

We understand cell phones are a part of everyday living however, we ask that only those who are "On-call" and need to keep their cell phones close by, please place them on vibrate. All others can be left in the lobby or in your vehicle. 

Should I eat before class? 

It is best to perform postures on an empty stomach. Wait two to three hours after a full meal before practicing. If needed, you may have a glass of juice, granola or a small piece of fruit up to an hour before class. Bottled water is allowed in the studio.

Do I need any props?

We have many props to assist and support you in your practice from yoga mats, flat and round bolsters, pillows, eye pillows, yoga straps, foam blocks and blankets.

What should I wear? 

Wear comfortable nonrestrictive clothing. Layers are recommended for the cooler months.

Shoes can be left at the door. Socks can be worn in the studio, removed for practice and put back on for warmth for Shavasana (relaxation).
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