About the Teacher

​In our classes we move slowly and gracefully with compassion for our body, taking care to discover areas of blockages and limitations and to notice areas of space and freedom. If you’re new to yoga we’ll present more details with specifics about the poses, so you’ll know just how to do them, yet at the same time we’ll reminded you to be comfortable and to go at your own pace.

If you’re a seasoned practitioner, you’ll be offered additions to the details to further advance your routine, if you so choose. It’s a safe place to practice and try poses no matter how you’re feeling that day.

Feel free to ask anything that is unclear to you during class. Before and after class is a wonderful time to get personal attention with poses you may have difficulty with or have a question about. 

Students are encouraged to be present to their needs and tailor the class to reflect themselves. If they’re tired, they can slow down the pace and allow themselves to “hang-out” in a pose for as long as they want. Or if something doesn’t feel right, they can skip that pose all together.

While in the pose, we offer you time to “Check-In” how you’re feeling, i.e. physically, emotionally and mentally and with out judgment. Support is offered in many ways some of which include modifications, demonstrations and advancements to deepen the pose.

Our yoga studio located in Hudson NH is fully equipped with Yoga Mats, Straps, Balance Balls, Sitting Wedges, Folding Chairs, Stabilizing Blocks, Reclining Bolsters, Comfortable Pillows, Warm Blankets, and a Calm Soothing Atmosphere.