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Reviews about SS Yoga Studio

Life-Changing Experience!

I can’t say enough about how Sandy has helped me during the past several years. Her knowledge and wisdom have benefited me in so many ways! I have gained greater physical strength, balance, and flexibility. My concentration and focus has improved, and I am better able to handle life’s stresses. 
Sandy’s generous spirit is infectious. She warmly welcomes me, is calming and inviting, and offers a peaceful respite from the outside world. 
She is keenly attuned to the needs of her students and adjusts her teaching methods accordingly. She continually offers gentle guidance and an expert hand so that I get the greatest benefit from the various yoga poses. I always leave the studio feeling calmer, lighter on my feet, and ready to face any challenge. 
I am grateful to Sandy for helping me strengthen my mind, body and spirit. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to do the same. 
Casey Mitchell, Training Consultant

Awesome Teacher!

Sandy is a wonderful yoga instructor, making each class diverse and never boring. She helps each person in the class with their poses, to perfect ourselves in reaching our goals. Yoga has truly helped me live a more balanced, fit, and healthful life. I have had good and poor yoga instructors over the years, and Sandy is definitely one of the exceptional ones!
MaryLou DiSalvo, Dental Professional

Must Try Yoga with Sandy

I am a long-time fan of yoga but never really liked going to class...too intimidating. Sandy is a wonderful instructor and such a kind and welcoming person. I highly recommend her class for relaxation and a great work-out.
Marina Smallwood, Nurse Practitioner 

Soothing, Relaxing and Compassionate Yoga

I have found Sandy's classes to be wonderfully relaxing and refreshing. Her voice guides you into deep relaxation to allow you to achieve your true potential of each pose. If you have any trouble with a pose, she is right there to adapt and modify it for you. She works with the class as a whole and also works with each student individually to adjust their poses as necessary. I cannot say enough of my experiences with Sandy as a Yoga teacher. She is just phenomenal!! Her personality is so warm and welcoming, she makes you feel totally comfortable from the first time you meet her. Her love of yoga and her desire to help people show in her teaching abilities and her interaction with people. She is a beautiful person inside and out and it just flows into all her classes. 
Gail Donovan, Professional Consultant

Changed My Life!

Sandy's yoga class has changed my life. I can never get enough of yoga, now that Ive found her classes. I find myself more calm, centered, and much happier with each day. I look forward to each class and get something new out of each one. Sandy is wonderful at helping her students based on their individual level, and she guides them through each pose. Not to mention there is a calm, relaxing atmosphere. That, along with her soothing voice makes for a very pleasant experience. I wish I could attend a class every day of the week!
Trish Slaski

I have been going to SS Yoga Studios since April 2009. It was the best decision I ever made. In the beginning, my reasons for trying yoga were almost identical to everyone else– I wanted more flexibility.
My midlife crisis led me to take violin lessons. It was fun, but in order to improve, my instructor coerced me into trying yoga, saying it would help free up my shoulders and back. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon Sandy's studio in Hudson. I felt at home almost immediately, although I did take a couple of private lessons first so I wouldn't look lost in front of all those women. It wasn't necessary.
Sandy makes everyone feel as though they are the only one in class and she demonstrates each pose prior to having students try it themselves. One only does what feels right at the time. Does a pose feel good? Stay in it as long as you like. Not feeling 100%? Back off the intensity to a level that feels right to you. The students range from newly minted yoga aspirants to seasoned veterans. Everyone leaves feeling as though they received a great workout as well as being refreshed. I look forward to each weekly session and if I happen to miss one I feel incomplete. 
Try it, you won't regret it.  
Mike Golini

I've been taking yoga with Sandy Pellerin and nothing compares with how wonderful I feel after a session. I've taken yoga in the past, but Sandy brings it to another level of relaxation, exercise and inner peace. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who's thinking of just trying it for the first time, to check out Sandy’s classes. You'll love it... 
Susan Draper, Para-professional

I met Sandy when taking her yoga class in 2005, after being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases. I have been hooked ever since! Sandy is a very talented instructor, with such a vast knowledge of so many aspects of yoga. She is very calming. A kind and compassionate instructor who exudes these qualities both on and off the mat. I know regardless of the day I had, or the challenges I may be facing; spending that time on the mat with Sandy, I will walk out of her lovely studio feeling lighter, calm, and very peaceful. Her classes over these years have helped me immensely with my balance, strength, coordination, in addition to chronic pain and anxiety. Her classes and what she has taught me is the only tool I have found to be helpful with fibromyalgia. She has a special, unique gift, tailoring each class to meet the individual needs of all her students. One class can teach one student to remain calm under stress, another strength training and endurance, and still others inner peace and self acceptance. Sandy inspires me to reach for my goals, goals that seemed unattainable. I think anyone who has never practiced yoga but is curious, as well as those currently practicing or wishing to come back to the mat, should give Sandy's class a try. I am confident you will be so happy you did!
Mary Canelas

I find Sandy to be the perfect yoga instructor, from her down-to-earth personality to her calm and soothing demeanor. She holds poses for just the right length of time, is always tuned in to every person in the room and is very positive. I always feel more energized the next day and sleep for like a log two nights after my yoga class.
K. Hoots, Hoots Design

Sandy’s yoga classes have been an enormous help to release stress and ease my fibromyalgia. I love the frequent individual attention and help with modifying the poses. Having fibromyalgia and an achy back and hips, the special attention makes the class achievable for me. Sandy has a vast knowledge base of many yoga methods along with chronic illnesses; and this has given me the confidence to practice yoga. She is very welcoming, nonjudgmental and energizing. 
K. Dubay RN, Oncology

It is obvious that Sandy is experienced. She takes the time to give us individualized attention allowing us to determine what is best for us as individuals. The atmosphere is incredible! Best described as relaxing, soothing, calming with beautiful music, candles and all the equipment you need. After class, I feel fantastic! I feel rested, refreshed, and totally relaxed.
P. Doucette, Police Service Specialist, MPD

Professional and fun at the same time

We did a Mommy and Me yoga class, and Sandy was very professional, but at the same time made the class fun and flexible for our baby crawlers. Very open to suggestions for next class. I have not had any previous experience with yoga, but I enjoyed this class so much, I signed up for a 6 week session with her.
Ashley S.

Devoted to Sandy’s Yoga

I am truly devoted to Sandy's yoga classes. She pays special attention to each student's individual needs while retaining a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Her attention to modifications for students with specific disabilities is excellent. Before each class she always asks if anyone has any areas of the body that need attention and always works that into the poses for that class. At the end of each class her soothing voice leads us to the peaceful calmness of relaxation pose that lasts long after the class is over. I am truly devoted to Sandy's yoga classes and look forward to each week and practice what I have learned at home.
Jeanne Buote

I met Sandy about four years ago. My mom passed away and I needed somewhere to go to relieve my stress. I also had a bad shoulder almost to the point where I couldn't move it, like a frozen shoulder. With the help and the patience of Sandy and her research I am now able to move my shoulder at least 95% better than ever. At times when I go to class it’s still stiff, but by the time I am finished a class it feels great.
Sue Berard, Para-professional


I had never been to yoga but wanted to try it and came across Sandy's class. I am so glad I did. I have many health problems and don't go as often as I would like but when I do go, I feel so great and energized. You get a whole body workout and time to relax, I would recommend yoga especially with Sandy to anyone and everyone! Do it for yourself.
Heather Shoemaker