About the Teacher

About the Teacher

Sandy Pellerin, RYT has been practicing Yoga since August 1993. She was first introduced to the concept from her co-worker. When she was younger, she always loved gym class and was amazed at how the body functions and moves. She took her first yoga class at the YMCA and then followed up with a trip to Kripalu Center for Health and Wellbeing for a Beginners Welcome Weekend. Amazed at how yoga affected not only her body with its newly found movements and ease of tension, but she also noticed how her busy mind became quiet and still, allowing her to enjoy the moment as it presented itself. Practicing Yoga aided her tremendously with the acceptance and natural grieving process from the death of her adorned father. She now lives peacefully amongst the chaos and difficult issues of everyday life.

Sandy has read, practiced and learned many styles of Yoga and various healing modalities.
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